Amy Hefti - Head of Marketing at NCL Government Capital

About Amy Hefti

Amy Hefti brings two decades of integrated advertising, marketing, social media and communications experience to her role as Head of Marketing of NCL Government Capital. Ms. Hefti began serving as Head of Marketing for NCL Government Capital in 2019. NCL is the premier government financing agency. Ms. Hefti brought not only two decades of advertising and marketing experience most in New York City. She spent the majority of that time as an executive leading some of the most iconic financial service brands in the world such as American Express, Capital One, and MasterCard.

Some key highlights of Ms. Hefti’s experience include introducing plastic to the middle-class Indian market with the launch of the MasterCard debit card with a custom Priceless integrate advertising campaign driving awareness and education. She was integral to repositioning Goldman Sachs using advertising and public relations after 2008. She led a team that created a naming system, brand positioning and creative campaign to globally redefine what Bank of America Merrill Lynch as stood for post 2008 and why a combined Bank brand benefitting not only consumers, but large customers and employees.

Later in her career, Ms. Hefti would lead the content marketing efforts for Bank of America while at Accenture Interactive. Specifically, she managed a team of 18 people creating two of the most visible and important parts of the bank's content Better Money Habits and the information on Investing. While at Accenture, Ms. Hefti, was called upon many times to share her knowledge and present as part of the Accenture Consulting Bank of America Merrill Lynch New Business Team. She was proud to be able to contribute at such a high level and represent marketing.

Outside the financial sector, she has brought her proven competencies to a range of other brands, including Target, AT&T, Campbell’s, and American Family Insurance. Adept across all channels including Super Bowl ads, all digital channels, including creating our own social program for Weight Watchers, PodCasts, and everything in between, (globally and locally)

Today, Ms. Hefti draws on her expertise in building a branding in the financial sector while speaking to a very niche segment of the market, to serve as head of marketing at NCL Government Capital. Since joining she has spent much of her time listening and learning how marketing can enhance the sales teams' work, as well as define the brand positioning, strategy, identity and website.